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Governor Reynolds and the Department of Management Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) announced the release of a new broadband map of Iowa, reporting the conditions of broadband availability in accordance with federal grant guidelines at over 1 million locations throughout the state. The public can view the map and the publication of the map commences a 30-day challenge process. Instructions for challenging the map are available here and you may also email ociogrants@iowa.gov for assistance and questions.

Welcome to Early, Iowa

The town of Early is located in Sac County. Early has a population of 557 people as of the last census. There are three churches and a middle school that serves the Early, Nemaha and Schaller communities, along with Galva and Holstein, with the younger grades attending school in Schaller and the high school in Holstein. Together, they make up Ridge View Community Schools. 

Early was first platted two and one-half miles south of its current location in 1878, then moved to the current location in 1882. See the Town History page for the story. 

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